zondag 6 december 2009

365 cards | Day 280 Kind of like a Candy Cane

This paper I found is so pretty, so I made 2 cards for one Challenge.
We had to use Candy Cane paper. And with the magnolia stamp made this a perfect Christmas Card. Thanks for the Idea! Loved this one!

365 cards | Day 279 A little Wordy

The stamp with the french text is a stamp I used ages ago! So very good to look for it and use it today.
Words in the background and a sentiment in the foreground. Made it with love!
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365 cards | Day 278 You can't miss it

The third card today. I made a stamp and put only one color with glitters on the stamp so you can't miss it!
Also is this card for the 365 cards Challenge.
It turned out nice. I love glitters!

365 cards | Day 277 just a fraction

This is the second stamp today. Also for the challenge.
The challenge was to use a part of a stamp.
I normaly use these colors, but it turned out very nice. I enjoyed this one!
Thanks for visiting.

365 Cards | Day 276 You're an Angel

Today is a very rainy day, so I spent my time in my room.... making cards.
This is the first. An Angel for the challenge. The stamp is an exclusive stamp from Magnolia. I attended a workshop and we all got this stamp.